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What is Mydeal.lk?
We all enjoy a good bargain! Mydeal.lk is a great web site offering the best daily deals in Sri Lanka for you to enjoy, just a click away!

Mydeal.lk, offers our customers the finest quality goods and unbelievable experiences at awesome discounted rates! And for our business partners we provide the best platform in social media to promote your business in a cool new way!

How do I become a member at Mydeal.lk?
Sign up now by clicking the Register button or just click here. We will keep you posted with what’s new via email notification about the wonderful daily deals on offer!

Is there a membership fee?
There are no hidden costs, membership is free! There is absolutely no cost to join Mydeal.lk

How do I buy from Mydeal.lk?
You can click here to get all the details, as well as step by step guidance on how you can buy from Mydeal.lk. If you require further assistance or if an error occurs then you can always call one of our customer service representatives on 0718564400.

How do I buy the daily deal received by email?

- Click on the email received and it will be redirected to the Today’s deal page automatically.

- Then you can click the ‘buy’ button on the deal.

- You will be shown the total amount to be paid. Confirm by clicking the button and accept the Terms and conditions.

- Enter required information and confirm.

- You will receive a confirmation email from Mydeal.lk

- Simply print the voucher and redeem it from the featured seller. (If prior appointments have to be made with the seller before using your voucher, we will notify about that on our web site on the details about the deal

Is Mydeal.lk a safe web site to use my credit card on?
Payment is done directly via Hatton National Bank’s highly secure payment gateway. Under no circumstances will we store your credit card information on our system.

How will you use my email address?
We will not spam your email with useless information or third party emails. We will be sending emails on following occasions;

- Notifying you of our great daily deals
- Notifications about the goods and services you bought.
- From time to time we will be asking for your feedback to enhance the quality of our services.
- If you have any complaints or questions we will communicate with you via email.

Do you accept cash payments?
Yes, we do accept cash payments at our office (740, Galle Road, Colombo 04).

How do I use Mydeal.lk Voucher?
Once you receive a confirmation email about the product or service bought from Mydeal.lk. Click the link in the email and access the 'My Vouchers' section of our web site to get a print out of the voucher.

If you have made a prior appointment to use your voucher (For example: A booking made at a hotel) you will have to go on that particular date and time to use your voucher.

If it is not requested by us to make an appointment with the seller before you visit them to redeem the voucher, then you will be able to use the voucher anytime during its validity by producing the printout of the voucher.

What if I photocopy my voucher and try to redeem it more than once?
Each voucher comes with two unique serial numbers generated by our system assuring that each voucher is for one time use only!

Do I need to use the voucher on the same day I buy it from Mydeal.lk?
The validity period of each voucher will be clearly mentioned on the details of the daily deal given on Mydeal.lk. The voucher may be used any time within this period.
* Products / Services will NOT be 'Reserved' when the 'Pay at Store' option is chosen

Can I use the Mydeal.lk voucher with other promotions given by featured businesses?
It can be coupled with other promotions if it is stated by us on our Terms and Conditions or if the featured businesses allow it at the time of redeeming your voucher. If not Vouchers cannot be used along with other promotions.

Will I be able to cancel or return my Voucher?
If you have paid for the voucher already, we will not be able to cancel or refund.

Will the money be refunded if the featured seller is no longer in business?
Yes. If your voucher is valid and if the business has gone out of operation within this time period, we will refund your money in full without any questions asked.

Can I give my voucher that has my name on it as a gift?
No. Currently transferring the voucher as a gift is not possible.

What do I do if I don’t get an email?
Sometimes our emails are blocked or filtered and even our email servers get tired occasionally! Please contact us and we will fix it up

The business won’t redeem my voucher and it has not expired.
If you have trouble redeeming your voucher, contact us and we will help you sort it out.

If a certain amount from the voucher is not redeemed can I use it again?
Most of the time you won’t be able to redeem the amount left from the voucher. But there can be exceptions if it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the voucher or if the seller agrees to it.

How do I become a featured Business on Mydeal.lk?
Visit 'Benefits for your business' page at Mydeal.lk and you will be able to know the benefits of being one of our valued merchants in detail. Contact us and we will be more than happy to talk to you.

How can my business be featured on Mydeals.lk?
There are several ways to become a featured business on our web site. You can directly get in touch with us by calling or emailing us. Our customer representatives will be in touch with you personally by visiting your business or through email communication or by phone.


Where is Mydeal.lk office located?

Mydeal.lk (PVT) LTD.

Address: 740, Galle Road, Colombo 04.
Tel: +94 (0) 117588888
Email: [email protected]