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40% OFF! Pay only Rs.2,400 for a St. Dalfour Gold Seal, Original Beauty Whitening Cream, one of the finest skin lightening and whitening products on the Market.

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St. Dalfour is considered the finest skin lightening and whitening product on the Market. It works on virtually all skin discoloration problems. It is particularly effective at removing or lessening the appearance of darl spots, acne scars, melasma and other forms of hyper-pigmentation.
All natural ingredients that will make your skin GLOW!!


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ProductSt. Dalfour is considered the finest skin lightening and whitening product on the Market. It works on virtually all skin discoloration problems.

The Original Gold Label has very strong and effective skin brightening, and does NOT contain hydroquinone or mercury.

St. Dalfour products are botanically based, safe, natural, gentle and are especially effective on skin blemishes and freckles. Its advanced non-greasy formula keeps the skin clear, moisturized and soft, helping to protect and prevent spots.

Acne marks are often visible for long periods and may be permanent but this product will help reduce or eliminate their appearance as it lightens dark pigmentation and brings back healthy, soft and clear skin. Freckles can increase from the action of sun and wind. St. Dalfour Cream contains carefully blended substances that help clear skin of freckles. Once the desired skin tone is achieved, use the cream once a week so that freckles will not reappear.

DIRECTIONS: Apply it in the evening after cleansing your skin. Use your fingertips to apply small dabs of cream to your skin, and massage in gently and firmly. Use it on your whole face for overall whitening or use it directly on dark spots/areas for melasma, acne scars or age spots.

Ingredients: Combination of natural fruit & seaweed extract found only in the Middle East. Active Ingredients: Berberry extract, Vitamin E, Sunblock, Organic Milk & Moisturizer, Mineral Oil, Aqua, Steric Acid, Cityl Alcohol, Glycerin, Fragrance, Methyl Paraben, Bensoate, Arbutin, Vitamin E, Propyl Paraben, Glutathione, Shea Butter, Rose Cream

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