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40% OFF! 10Amp Square Pin Voltage Protector (JL-VP3000) Plug for just Rs.750!


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  • Voucher is valid only for one Voltage Protector (JL-VP3000) 10AMP 3 Square Pin Plug
  • A six month warranty (only for manufacturing defects) is included
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Voltage Protector

Instant power stoppage and restarting supply with the electricity net creates a strong voltage impact which is hazardous and may damage the compressors. This protector applies a digifax technique, which can immediately disconnect the load supply and provide the compressor with a time-retardant power re-connection with a perfect result of protection for the compressor. Suitable for TVs, LCDs, DVDs, Home cinema, PC, laptops, washer, dryer, ovens, dishwasher, and other home appliances without compressors and refrigerators, freezers, air-conditions, and other compressor equipment.

- Voltage Protector (JL-VP3000)
- 190V-250V (220V, 50Hz)
- 10AMP
- 3 Square Pin Plug
- Microcomputer Control SMT Technology

Operating Instructions:
- Red indicator lighting: normal working state
- Red indicator flashing: the 90s delay time
- Yellow indicator L light: low voltage protection
- Yellow indicator H light: high voltage protection

- Don't install this protector in the positions afflicted with high temperature and moisture
- Using it in a dirty ambiance and a severe oxidation with the plug may lead the protector to an early damage

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